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Working from home | COVID-19 Working from home | Birmingham City Council

Working from home

National guidance states that all employees should be temporarily working from home, unless providing front-line critical services.

It is important that line managers maintain contact with employees about workload and expectations whilst working at home, and agree communication channels and frequency of contact. The business continuity plan for your service will advise who to contact if you are unable to speak to your line manager.

It is important to recognise that for most employees costs associated with travel to/from work will cease during this period. The council is not able to reimburse utility costs relating to homeworking during the COVID-19 crisis. However, you may be able to apply for tax relief for your job expenses by making a claim via the gov.uk website.

When working from home you must ensure that you protect confidential information and comply with BCC council policy and procedure – guidance can be found in the 'Data Protection and GDPR' section of the Intranet. It is acceptable for employees to utilise personal shredders to dispose of confidential waste.

Remember to :

  • Take regular breaks
  • Speak to your manager to request additional DSE equipment or to discuss any issues or concerns
  • Report and ill health or problems arising from DSE work at allocated desk

Your posture:

  • Back – straight and well supported by chair
  • Shoulders – relaxed but not slouched
  • Arms – forearms parallel with the floor
  • Wrists – should be relaxed in neutral position with minimal bend
  • Hips – Should be bent to about 90 degrees
  • Legs – Thighs should be parallel to the floor
  • Feet – Should be comfortably flat to the floor
  • Vision – Eye-line should be level with the top of the screen