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Testing to monitor and suppress spread of COVID-19 variant | Surge testing for COVID-19 variant | Birmingham City Council

Testing to monitor and suppress spread of COVID-19 variant

The council is working closely with Public Health England and the national NHS Track and Trace team to support measures to curb any potential spread of variants; this will include significantly increasing the testing offer in a targeted way.

Residents over the age of 16 are strongly encouraged to take a COVID-19 test this week, even if they are not showing symptoms.

  • Current surge testing operations are now complete – thank you to all who participated in the testing programme.
  • If you have a completed test that you still need to return, please use the pre-paid Royal Mail return packaging that is part of the test kit.

Surge testing happens in a defined area which is designed to try and capture any potential community spread, this is often smaller than the whole ward area.

Please use the post-code checker to find out if you are in the affected area and should be taking a PCR test.

Check whether you should be tested for new variants of COVID-19