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Drop and Collect Service

This service has been suspended until further notice

Birmingham City Council has launched a new Drop and Collect Service to make it easier to get tested without even leaving the house!

Staff from Birmingham City Council, NHS and Public Sector will now be offering test kits to households across the city. The tests are completely free – they will simply be dropped off at your door and our Staff will then pick up the completed test kit within the next hour. The Drop and Collect Service will support communities experiencing barriers to accessing test sites across Birmingham.

To find out more about the Drop and Collect, read the news article.

What to expect from our Drop and Collect Staff?

When our Drop and Collect Staff knock your door, they will ask you whether you would like a free test. If you say yes, they will ask how many people live with you and are in the house currently so they can give you enough tests to complete.

Drop and Collect officers will never ask to enter your home and will never ask to collect identifiable information or ask you for any money. Officers will be wearing a Birmingham City Council high viz and will produce a Birmingham City Council identification card.

You need to register the test at this online address or via the number 119 with the barcode included inside the pack. Please keep the copy of the barcode.

During the registration process (using the link in the instructions) you will be asked for an order ID. You must just select the option to register without an order ID.

It’s important that you register before handing the kit back to us otherwise you won’t get a result.

You need to seal the bag which has the barcode on.

The test involves taking a swab of the inside of your nose and the back of your throat, using a long cotton bud.

You can do the swab yourself; you can also do it for children or other people who can’t do it themselves.

There are instructions in the pack for you to undertake the tests yourself and we will collect them on our way back down the road.

The tests are then couriered to the testing centre and you will have the results back within 24/48 hours by email and text message. If you are positive you will get an email or a phone call to tell you what to do next.

We are not handling the test data and we will not be seeing your test results. They will be handled confidentially by the test and trace service and only visible by Public Health England and yourselves.

Any data that we do collect, hold and process for the purpose of this visit will be in accordance to Birmingham City Council’s Privacy statement.

Translated Drop and Collect Information:

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