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Support for rent costs

You should check your eligibility for Universal Credit, which is available for people in and out of work. Support for rental costs will be paid through Universal Credit. From April, we are increasing Local Housing Allowance rates to the 30th percentile of market rents. This applies to all private renters who are new or existing Universal Credit housing element claimants and to existing Housing Benefit claimants.

Housing rental payments

Contact your landlord if you’re struggling to pay rent, they may be able to give a rent reduction, accept late payment or agree to a repayment plan. Make sure you get something in writing. The government ban suspending all evictions ended on 20 September 2020. Help and support is available to all that have been affected by Coronavirus or who need advice. The council will only be taking enforcement action against those who will not work with us to organise their rent payments.

Mortgage payments

Mortgage lenders have announced they won't apply to court to repossess homeowners for 3 months starting from 19 March. They will also allow a three-month payment holiday for those struggling to cover their mortgage because of coronavirus. Be aware that this option may mean your monthly mortgage payment goes up after the payment holiday ends. Check if you have insurance that will cover your mortgage payments instead. For example, mortgage payment protection insurance or through your current account.