Housing rent payment and support during COVID-19

Setting up of repayment plans

We have a variety of repayments plans to help you to effectively budget and to reduce any outstanding debts you have, contact the rent service

Universal Credit

You might be eligible for Universal Credit? Information can be found about Universal Credit on the GOV.UK website, on how to apply, how to set up and maintain your online Universal Credit account.

Discretionary Housing Benefit

You can also get extra help with your housing costs or Council Tax and may be able to claim Discretionary Housing Benefit

Other ways to help you to be empowered

Visit the cleanslate charity website

You can also see the download factsheet Paying your debts who comes first

Illegal Loan Sharks

Loan sharks are illegal moneylenders who often charge very high interest rates. You can check if a company is authorised to lend money and report loan sharks anonymously on the GOV.UK website.

If you need help and support to budget or you are experiencing financial hardship contact Financial Inclusion Birmingham or the Rent service

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