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Local Restrictions Support Grant (Sector) | Local Restrictions Support Grants (LRSG) and Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) | Birmingham City Council

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Local Restrictions Support Grant (Sector)

This is a mandatory grant which, in Birmingham, is applicable for the period from *1 November to 4 November 2020 and from the 2 December 2020 onwards.

The grant is intended to support businesses that have been required to close nationally since 23 March 2020. It may also cover any new national closures of business property types in future, such business are:

  • Nightclubs, dance halls, and discotheques
  • Adult entertainment venues and hostess bars

The level of grant payment will be dependent on the rateable value of the premises occupied by the business as shown below:

  • Rateable value £15,000 and under £667 per 14 day qualifying restriction period
  • Rateable value over £15,000 and less than £51,000 £1,000 per 14 day qualifying restriction period.
  • Rateable value of exactly £51,000 or above £1,500 per 14 day qualifying restriction period

* A pro rata amount will be awarded for the period 1 to 4 November 2020 (4 days).