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COVID-19 Community Champions FAQs | COVID-19 Community Champions | Birmingham City Council

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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COVID-19 Community Champions FAQs

Who are COVID-19 Community Champions and can anyone sign up?

Covid-19 Community Champions are volunteers who will help to provide the residents of Birmingham with up-to-date guidance and advice on Covid-19. This will help all the residents to be able to make sense of the latest facts about the virus and make informed choices. Anyone who lives or works in Birmingham and wishes to volunteer can apply for the role. 

What skills will I need to become a COVID-19 Community Champion?

You do not need any formal qualifications to become a COVID-19 Community Champion. All we are looking for is the person who has good social skills, is sensitive and caring towards others, is reliable, dependable and appreciates other people’s right of making decisions.

I have never been a volunteer before. Can I apply to become a COVID-19 Community Champion? Do I require training?

You can apply to become a COVID-19 Community Champion, even it is your first time volunteering. No formal training is necessary. There will be provision of easy to access information about COVID-19 through infographics, videos, email, WhatsApp and Zoom. Questions will be answered quickly with public health input - there is an email address for Champions to contact us directly.

How can I apply to become a COVID-19 Community Champion?

You can register as a champion

What will be my role as a COVID-19 Community Champion?

  • You will become the point of contact within your community (family, friends, neighbourhood, place of worship, community organisation) and will be expected to pass on the key COVID-19 messages to the community.
  • You will also be expected to encourage others to become COVID-19 Community Champions.
  • Please note that being a Covid- 19 Community Champion is not an enforcement or regulatory role. 
  • If you have any concerns, contact Birmingham City Council. While we welcome and value your volunteering as a Covid -19 Community Champion this does not constitute a contract of employment or eligibility for internal recruitment positions.

Once I become a Community Champion, how will I be able to provide the relevant information on COVID-19 to the residents of Birmingham?

Once you sign up to become a Champion, we will provide you with the latest information about COVID-19. All you will need to do is to share this information with your friends, family, colleagues and community, whichever way you want. Champions also have opportunities to feedback to us about what they are hearing and to discuss any questions they might have.

How will you keep us updated with the latest COVID-19 information and guidance?

Your welcome pack will have all the relevant information on how we will support you. There will be an online resource library, weekly online updates and briefings as well as a dedicated email address to contact us directly. You will need to have an email address, a mobile phone with WhatsApp and a way to access Zoom meetings for more information see the resources and documents section

Is there information available in different languages?

You can find translated information on COVID-19 on the council’s website. 

What are the current rules for contact during the COVID-19 pandemic ?

For full, up to date details of current COVID-19 guidance and restrictions, visit the GOV.UK website

How can I report those who are not following the government COVID-19 regulations?

If you are concerned that a business or venue is not following the Government's COVID-19 regulations, you can get in touch with us

If you feel there is a significant issue or serious breach of the restrictions where people are gathering in groups of seven or more, or people from more than one household in Birmingham are meeting in a home or garden you can report this to West Midlands Police by completing a Restriction Breach Form

What happens if I want to withdraw from being a COVID-19 Community Champion?

Should you wish to withdraw from the Champions Network at any time, please email covid19communitychampions@birmingham.gov.uk and we will ensure that your information is removed from the database within three business days.