Rent payment holidays

Rent payment holidays are weeks when tenants are not required to pay rent if their current rent account is clear or in credit.

All tenants receive notification of the rent payment holidays and their new rent charge in their annual rent variation notice in March each year.

If you are in debt with your rent

If your rent account is in debt, you will not be entitled to rent payment holidays.

You should use these four weeks to reduce or clear your debt.

Direct Debit payers will have payments adjusted if they are in debt and will receive a revised schedule of payments.

Garage rent payment holidays

Garage rent accounts also have payment holidays.

Customers who have garage accounts will receive a separate letter informing them of the change.

Service charges form part of the payable rent and will be calculated in the same way.

If your garage rent account is in arrears, you should continue to make payments during payment holidays in order to reduce or clear your arrears.

Being away from your property for long periods of time

If you will be away from your property for a long period of time it is important that you contact the Rent Service on 0121 675 2006 to discuss the circumstances.

It may be helpful to authorise someone to act on your behalf if you need to go into hospital or on holiday. You are still liable to pay rent.

If you are in receipt of Housing Benefit you should notify Benefit Services if you are away longer than two weeks by telephoning them on 0121 464 7000.

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