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Paying rent using a barcode

A barcode payment system has been introduced. There is no charge for using a barcode.

The barcode can be used to make cash payments at Post Offices and PayPoint outlets.  The barcode is being phased in on council tenant rent letters.

You can continue to use an existing payment card for your tenancy.  If you lose the card it will not be replaced from July 2020 and you will need to request a barcoded bill by contacting us or ordering it online.

Where to make a barcode payment

There may be a limit to the amount you can pay at PayPoint outlets.

How to use the barcode

It will be scanned, the payment will be taken, and the letter or bill returned to you.

You can pay by cheque at the Post Office. Make cheques payable to 'Post Office Ltd'.

You should receive a receipt.  Keep it safe as proof you made a payment.  Ask for a receipt if it is not provided. 

Replace a lost or damaged barcode

If you lose your barcode or it becomes unreadable, you can make an immediate payment by calling the automated telephone line on 0121 464 2001 or you can contact us to obtain a replacement barcoded letter.

Please call 0121  675 2006 or email to request a replacement letter

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