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Pay rent by Pingit | Birmingham City Council

Pay rent by Pingit

You can use the Pingit app on your smartphone to send us a payment. You can make a payment by simply opening the app and scanning the QR code on the front top right hand corner of your letter or alternatively the QR code below. If you use the QR code at the front of your letter you will just need to check that your payment reference is correct and type in the amount you wish to pay. If you use the QR code below or the one at the back of the letter (in the ways to pay) you will need to input your 12 digit payment reference and the amount you wish to pay.

QR code


Downloading and registering 

If you do not have the app already on your phone then you can download the free Barclays Pingit app from your app store (Apple, Android, Windows, etc.) and register.  

Quick guide to setting up the Pingit (powered by Barclays) app on your phone

  1. Download the free Barclays Pingit app from your app store (Apple, Android, Windows, etc.)  and open it up.
  2. Select the option you need, depending whether you are a Barclays customer or if you bank elsewhere. 
  3. Choose a 5 digit security number that you will need to remember and enter. You will be asked to enter it twice to confirm.
  4. You need your bank details to hand and your mobile phone number. Enter the information as requested; sort code, account number and your name.
  5. You have now set up your Pingit account.
  6. You will be asked for verification of your bank account. Barclays will send two payments into your bank account. You will need to verify the amount you were sent on the Pingit app.
  7. Once in the app, you will need to top up your Pingit account. To do this simply press account on the bottom of the screen, and press top up, select the amount that you wish to top up with and select ok. The money will be transferred from the bank account you have just linked to your Pingit account. Alternatively, you can top up using a credit or debit card. 
  8. Follow the last few instructions on the app, until you can now start paying with your phone. 
  9. To pay for items using Pingit
  10. Select scan a QR code
  11. Hold the camera on your phone over the QR Symbol either on your letter or on the webpage. Once it has detected BCC- Housing as the destination, select the amount you wish to pay and click ok. 

Pingit screenshot

It' s as simple as that. 

Find out more about the pingit app.

Please note that if on registration Barclays is not able  to validate all the information you have provided then you will be required to provide ID such as:

  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Proof of address such as; council tax bill or benefits letter in the same way you would to open a bank account.

This can be done by visiting a Barclays branch. You will then be updated to a full registration rather than the restrictions of lower payment limits.