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Apply for or cancel a single person discount

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If you’re the only adult (aged 18 or over) living in your home, you can claim a single person Council Tax discount of 25%.This discount is awarded on your main home and not on second homes.

If you are claiming a discount because someone has moved out of your home leaving you as the only adult, please tell us their new address. This will help us check your claim. You will not be entitled to a discount if someone has left your home for a short period of time, or intends to return in the future.

You may be entitled to a discount if adults living in the property fall into a category which means they are disregarded (ignored) for the purposes of calculating the discount:

  • If all the adults are disregarded, there is a 50% discount
  • If all but one of the adults living at the property is disregarded, there is a 25% discount
  • If there are two or more adults who are not disregarded, there is no discount.

You can apply for your single person discount to start from a past date (called backdating). In some cases we may request some proof to confirm entitlement for the whole of the period or the date from which the award should apply. If you are applying for a discount more than twelve months before the date of your application you should confirm the reason why your application has not been made earlier.

Once awarded, the discount will remain on your account but you must advise us immediately if your circumstances change and you are no longer entitled to a single person discount. For example, the number of adult occupiers is now greater than one due to your son or daughter becoming eighteen years old.

We may choose to review your entitlement and if we do not receive confirmation from you that you are still a single occupier then the discount will be removed.

In some cases we may request some proof to confirm entitlement or the date from which the award should apply.

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