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Quarterly Market Intelligence and Health Questionnaires | Birmingham City Council

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Quarterly Market Intelligence and Health Questionnaires

The Council has a duty, under the Care Act 2014 to facilitate a vibrant, diverse and sustainable market for high quality care and support in their area, for the benefit of the whole local population, regardless of how the services are funded’

(Source:Local Government Association guidance on market shaping and commissioning)

Quarterly data collection from providers

To assist the Council is carrying out its Care Act market-shaping responsibilities, and to assist the Council and the NHS Birmingham Clinical Commissioning Group to monitor care home residents’ health outcomes, contracted providers are required to complete a quarterly data collection questionnaire.

The questionnaire will cover information on occupancy, funding sources, staffing and management, complaints and safeguarding, plus for care homes only, the health outcomes of residents, including nutrition, medication administration, infections, pressure ulcers, falls, unplanned hospital admissions and deaths.

The data collection process

The quarterly data collection process will be carried out by providers completing an on-line questionnaire, using the Birmingham City Council’s ‘Be Heard’ web-based software. Providers will receive a questionnaire completion request, by email, at the end of each quarter and will then have one month to complete the questionnaire and submit it.

The questionnaire completion periods each year will be January, April, July and October (coverig the previous three months). Providers should ensure that the Council has an up-to-date contact email address, so that the completion requests reach the provider staff member responsible for completion promptly.

It is the providers’ responsibility to ensure that their data has been submitted within the timescale. Failure to do so will be treated by the Council as a breach of contract.

Queries about the data collection process should be emailed to: