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Home services

Miss books? Miss reading? Are you missing out?

If you love reading but age, disability or frailty prevents you visiting the library, then let the library (van!) come to you!

Library Services at Home is for residents of Birmingham who love reading but age, disability or caring prevents them from visiting their local library. The service operates in all wards of the city and also delivers larger loans to sheltered accommodation, residential homes and nursing homes. The service has been in operation since 1981!

Customers who qualify for the service are people who find it difficult to get out of their homes without help due to illness, mobility problems, age, frailty, disability and people with full time caring commitments, and the aim of Library Services at Home is to ensure that all people within the local community who are unable to use library services in the traditional way have access to reading materials.

A monthly supply of books/audio books are delivered directly to the customer’s home by a trained, trusted and experienced member of library staff. The items are pre-selected by library staff on behalf of the customer. Library Services at Home’s customers have access to the same range of materials as customers of community libraries and can reserve items free of charge, and the service can provide regular print, large print or audio books to meet customer needs.

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