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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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This 24/7 service is free and is designed to be used by library members outside the library.

You can download content for your Android Tablet/phone or Apple iPad/iPhone via the ‘RB Digital App.’ RBDigital does not currently provide an app For Windows 10 pcs/tablets.

You can't transfer eAudiobooks to your iPod, or digital music player. This service is no longer available.


  • You can loan 7 eAudiobooks at any one time.
  • 21-day loan period.
  • Create a wish list of eAudiobooks to review and download
  • Rate eAudiobooks and leave reviews for others to view.
  • Reserve up to 4 eAudiobooks if they are already on loan.
  • eAudiobooks are automatically returned at the end of the loan period.
  • No fines for late audiobooks.
  • Loan history is stored for you to review.
  • Reserved eAudiobooks can be added to your collection automatically when they become available.


  • You can download as many eMagazines as you wish.
  • eMagazines do not expire on your tablet or phone. You can keep them as digital copies as long as you want.
  • New issues of eMagazines can be automatically added to your account for you to read.