Birmingham Sensory Support Service

Pre-school pupils and those in other educational settings in Birmingham, including other special schools, are supported by the Birmingham Sensory Support Service.

Support may include specialist assessment, teaching, advice and support, staff training, social activities and the provision of equipment.

MSI Unit in Birmingham

There is an MSI Unit at Victoria School in Birmingham

The Unit takes up to fifteen pupils aged 2-19 with MSI and additional disabilities.

The Unit has a specialist curriculum and environment, high staffing levels and specialist teachers.

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Children and young people with multi-sensory impairments (MSI) have hearing and visual impairments, often with other disabilities, which affect their learning and communication.

When both sight and hearing are damaged, children are hugely disadvantaged in exploring, interacting with and understanding their world.

Additional disabilities often accompany MSI such as further sensory impairments (for example of touch, balance and/or smell), physical disabilities, complex medical needs, emotional difficulties and/or learning difficulties.

MSI affects development in all areas, and especially

  • communication and the development of relationships
  • mobility and interaction with the physical environment
  • the processing and integration of information from residual hearing, vision and other senses
  • the perception of time and space
  • the generalisation of skills and concepts
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