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Completing the SEN Preference Form | SEN Secondary Transfer 2020 | Birmingham City Council

Completing the SEN Preference Form

The preference forms will be sent to your child’s current primary school. 

You may complete this as part of the Year 5 Annual Review, or separately if the review has already occurred.

  • Complete the form in BLOCK CAPITALS using black ink.
  • PART 1: Check that your child’s details in Part 1 of the form are correct.  If the pre-printed address is incorrect, write the correct address in the space provided and attach proof of address, such as a recent utility bill, by stapling it to the form.
  • PART 2: Enter the names of the schools in the order of your preference, starting with your most preferred school, including any preferences for grammar schools and schools in other Local Authorities. If any of your preferences are for a place in one of the 15 Resource Bases or the 3 Fully Accessible (FAM) Schools, rather than the mainstream, please ensure you write ‘Resource Base’ or ‘FAM’ next to the name of the school on the form.
  • If your child has a sibling on roll at any of your preferences, and will still be in attendance in September 2020; you need to put the name and date of birth of the sibling in the boxes next to the relevant school name.
  • PART 3: Insert any information you think is relevant to your preference(s) in this box. If your child is a twin, and you would ideally want them to attend the same school, please write this information in Part 3 and include the details of their twin.
  • Attach additional sheets, by staple to the back of the form, if you wish.
  • PART 4: Make sure that you have completed the form in full using the checklist.
  • PART 5: Fully complete the parent carer details.
  • Ensure that the form is signed and dated.

Read more about proof of address

If you do not submit a completed preference form

If you do not submit a Birmingham City Council SENAR Preference Form, we will:

  • Seek advice from your child’s current school;
  • Consider all information available such as the most recent Annual Review and current EHC Plan; and
  • Proceed to consult with the closest appropriate school setting in order to secure a placement.

It is therefore important that you express a preference of a named school for your child, should you wish a specific school to be considered.

If you live within Birmingham and any of your preferences are schools in another LA, you still need to put them on the Birmingham LA form.   

Birmingham City Council is required to consult the school and its maintaining LA regarding your request.

Remember, other LAs may not be able to offer your child a place. Therefore, it is advisable to also consider the Birmingham City Council provision.