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How the secondary transfer process works | SEN Secondary Transfer 2020 | Birmingham City Council

How the secondary transfer process works

As your child has an EHC Plan and is due to transfer to secondary education in September 2020, you will have the opportunity to list your preferred schools using a specific preference form.

What you need to know

You must complete a Birmingham City Council SENAR Preference Form, specifically for pupils with an EHC Plan.

Details of the preference form process will be sent to your child’s current primary school.

You may complete this as part of the Year 5 Annual Review, or separately if the review has already occurred.

If any of your preferences are for a school in another Local Authority (LA) you must still complete the Birmingham City Council SENAR Preference Form and name the school(s) on the form; we will contact the school and other LA on your behalf in order to seek a view on the suitability and availability of a place.

A school place will be allocated to your child in accordance with the SEND Code of Practice (2015):

  • the school is suitable to the child’s age, ability, aptitude or SEN, or
  • the placement would be compatible with the efficient education of the other children who your child would be educated with, or
  • the placement would be compatible with the efficient use of resources.

If your child is currently being educated in mainstream primary school, and you want them to be considered for a secondary special school placement, evidence will be needed to indicate a significant change in needs or required provision in order to warrant such a placement.

If you are applying for a Birmingham grammar school place you need to apply by 4pm on Friday 26 June 2020 at the latest for your child to be entered in the selective test; the test will be held Saturday 12 September 2020. Please see the grammar school information for further general information on grammar schools.

You may also submit a preference to Birmingham City Council for a place in an independent or non-maintained school. Birmingham City Council is required to consider this preference, but can consider maintained schools also in line with the efficient use of resources.

You will be able to discuss any queries you have with your SENAR Principal Officer about the school allocated or the content of the EHC Plan.