Education, Health and Care Plans for children and young people

Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP) bring together a range of health, education and social care information about a child, including:

  • Their personality, hopes and dreams
  • Their strengths
  • The areas where they might need extra help to reach their full potential
  • The results that parents and young people wish to see
  • The services that need to make sure it all happens.

The plans can be in place until the child reaches 25-years-old.

By 1 April 2018, EHCPs in Birmingham will replace:

  • Statements of Special Educational Needs for children in school
  • Learning Difficulty Assessments / Learning Support Plans for young people who were over 16.

All children who currently have Statements of Special Educational Needs will be transferred to education, health and care plans on a phased basis.

What does an Education, Health and Care Plan look like?

Every Education, Health and Care Plan is personalised to meet the needs and outcomes for each child or young person.

Download the documents below for more information on what a plan will look like.

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