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What happens after I’ve requested an EHCP? | Requesting a special educational needs assessment | Birmingham City Council

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What happens after I’ve requested an EHCP?

The Council has a maximum of 20 weeks from the date of a request for an assessment to make a decision and write a formal plan. The 20 weeks are broken down into phases (the weeks shown for each phase are estimates):

  • Phase 1, Deciding whether to assess (weeks 1-6): The Council will decide, based on the information you’ve given them, whether there’s evidence of a special educational need that they should assess.
  • Phase 2, Gathering evidence, consulting and drafting a plan (weeks 6 -16): The Council will gather assessment information and evidence, along with any reports. During this phase there’s likely to be at least one meeting between the council and parents to share information and gather views.
  • Phase 3, Draft plan issued or decision made not to issue (week 16): If the Council issues a draft plan, parents and children or young people have 15 days to review the plan and to ask for any changes. This includes asking for a specific type of support or actual placement. If the Council decides not to issue a plan, parents and young people have the right to challenge the Council’s decision.
  • Phase 4, Finalising the plan: During weeks 19 and 20, the Council will contact schools/colleges about placements and will make final changes to the plan. The Council should issue a final plan by week 20.