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Birmingham Shakespeare collection

The Birmingham Shakespeare Collection has a variety of resources for Shakespeare’s study. It offers access to more than 44,000 books and production material.

The comprehensive collection of Shakespeare’s production, both amateur and professional, intensified from 1949 onward; containing British and foreign, over 6,000 photographs, 10,000 programmes, 15,000 playbills and an enormous collection of newspaper cuttings. Birmingham’s theatrical history includes the Birmingham Repertory Theatre archive noted for its innovative modern dress interpretations of Shakespeare’s plays and is held in the Library of Birmingham.

It offers access to more than 44,000 books and production material. You will find the following in the collection:

  • The text of the plays and the sonnets
  • Literary criticism on Shakespeare’s dramatic work and poetry
  • History of Shakespeare’s performances on stage and film
  • Production material related to Shakespeare – posters, programmes, playbills, photos and press reviews
  • Illustrations to all of his work, his time, his portraits and portraits of Shakespearean actors
  • Full set of Shakespeare’s plays on video and DVD
  • Magazines on Shakespeare’s studies
  • Resources on his times and life
  • History of editing, printing and translating Shakespeare

You can access materials within the collection by asking our Archives and Collections team.

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