Birmingham collection resources

There are also a number of useful books in the Birmingham Collection relating to Birmingham Battalions and the Royal Warwickshire Regiments as well as more general books about Birmingham in the First World War. These can be found in the Birmingham History section under the reference BCOL 75 to 75.9. The following texts provide a detailed account of preparations made for the conflict plus life in the city :

  1. Brazier & Sandford. Birmingham and the Great War, 1914 - 1919. Published in 1921. BCOL 75.7
  2. Carter, Terry. Birmingham Pals : 14th,15th & 16th (Service) Battalions of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment. A History of the Three City Battalions raised in Birmingham in World War One. BCOL 75.12
  3. Carter, Terry. Birmingham in the Great War: Mobilisation & Recruitment, The First Eighteenth Months of the War. BCOL 75.7
  4. Jones, J T Municipality and the War in History of the Corporation of Birmingham. Vol. V, part 1. BCOL 31
  5. Roberts, Sian. Birmingham Remembering, 1914 - 1918. BCOL 75.7
  6. Tucker, Alan. On The Trail of The Great War, Birmingham: 1914 - 1918. BCOL 75.7

Available in the Quick Reference section we have:

  • Lists of soldiers who died in the Great War for the Worcestershire, Royal Warwickshire and South Staffordshire regiments
  • Birmingham City Battalions Book of Honour
  • Book of Honour for Birmingham men and women who fell in the Great War 1914 to 1918
  • Bibliography of Regimental Histories
  • City of Birmingham Book of Remembrance

Some bookstock materials located in the stores need ordering in advance either in person, or by emailing or calling 0121 242 4242. This includes our newspaper cuttings on World War One written from the 1960s onwards and newspaper cuttings relating to the Hall of Memory 1921 to 1981.

It also includes the Army and Navy lists (Officers only) from the mid-19th century to 2012 and the Air Force Lists (Officers only) 1918 to 2007 which cannot be found on the open access shelves in the Heritage Research Area.

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