Service Delivery Measures 2017 to 2018 quarter 3

Our key service delivery measures that are monitored and aligned to service plans and the councils priorities.

Service measures q3 pie chart


As at Quarter 3:

102 measures were agreed to be monitored.

78 reported a result available. Of these;

  • 12 (15.4%) exceeding target
  • 30 (38.5%) met target
  • 10 (12.8%) within acceptable tolerance levels
  • 26 (33.3%) are off track.

24 measures are reported on a less frequent basis and are not yet available.

The 102 KPM’s monitored are split into our four key priorities (Children, Health, Housing and Jobs and Skills) to help us monitor how we are doing towards achieving our outcomes and priorities. Performance against all of the measures in each priority is noted below:

Service Delivery Measures progress report

Service measures q3 bar chart

View Quarter 3 performance against the Service Delivery Measures in Excel

Read the Quarter 3 Service Delivery Measures progress report

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