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Organisational Health Measures 2017 to 2018 quarter 3 | Council plan measures progress update as at 2017 to 2018 quarter 3 | Birmingham City Council

Organisational Health Measures 2017 to 2018 quarter 3

Making the most of our assets and ensuring we have a healthy organisation

In line with our principles of a strong and effective performance management, Cabinet agreed, in May 2017, a set of key organisational health measures to be monitored during 2017 to 2018.

Each quarter, a progress report is submitted to Cabinet to inform of performance against our key targets, including our achievements and those areas where we need to improve on.

As at Quarter 3:

29 Organisational Health measures agreed to be monitored.

19 measures reported an outturn result.

16 of these measures had a target or baseline to monitor success. Of these:
3 (18.8%) exceeding target,
5 (31.3%) on track,
4 (25.0%) within acceptable tolerance levels.
4 (25.0%) off track, below target.

Results for the remaining 10 measures are reported on a less frequent basis and are not yet due.

The Organisational Health measures are separated into three areas; Workforce, Citizens and Governance. The performance position as at September 2017 for each of these areas is summarised the reports:

Read the full Quarter 3 report submitted to Cabinet on 27 March 2018

View Quarter 3 performance against the Organisational Health Measures in Excel