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Birmingham's key priorities
Overall performance against priorities pie chart

Council plan measures progress update as at 2017 to 2018 quarter 1

Our vision and forward plan, approved by Cabinet earlier this year, clearly sets out the City Council's vision for 'A city of growth where every child, citizen and place matters', and in other words 'a great place to grow up, live, succeed and grow old in'.  

To be clear on how we will know we are on track against our outcomes developed, key performance measures have been identified and targets agreed for measuring and monitoring success against during 2017 to 2018.

Each quarter, a progress report is submitted to Cabinet to inform of performance against our key targets, including our achievements and those areas where we need to improve on.

Overall performance against priorities pie chart 2017 - 2018As at Quarter 1: 
28 Council Plan Measures were monitored 
18 measures where a result was available to report
    4 (22.2%) succeeding target
    9 (50.0%) on track of target
    2 (11.1%) within acceptable tolerance levels
    3 (16.7%) off track, below target

The 28 KPM's monitored are split into our four key priorities (Children, Health, Housing and Jobs and Skills) to helps us monitor how we are doing towards achieving our outcomes and priorities. Performance against all of the measures in each priorities is noted below.

Summary of council's key priorities










Summary of the key messages as at Quarter 1

Read the full Council plan measures progress update 2017 to 2018 Quarter 1 report

Childrens a great place to grow up in

Housing a great place to live in

Jobs and skills a great city to succeed in

Health a great city to grow old in


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