Latest news

Work to build the route began on 4 December 2017 and will last approximately 52 weeks.

Traffic Management

The current works are being undertaken in the daytime. Working hours are 7:30am to 5:30pm, extending as the light draws out, with lane restrictions on the northbound carriageway, where possible these will be restricted to 7:30am to 3:30pm, in some areas, once started, they need to remain in place 24/7.

Works to Newtown Row Junction started on Monday 9 April with works duration of 12 weeks. Works are being done in 3 phases with two Phases of work under night time working 9pm to 6am and a further phase in the day time working between 7:30am and 5pm but with all traffic management removed by 3:30pm.

Ryder Street to Steel House Lane

Works have commenced to install the start of the A34 cycle way in this section. Works will include installing edgings for the cycle way, installing the base layer of tarmac, installing tactile paving and making good the existing paving.

Newtown Row canal bridge

The first phase works to install the cycle way over the Canal Bridge were completed on time and the road re-opened to the public as planned.

A second phase of works will be required to install bollards on the central reserve and install the blue surfacing in the cycle way.

Newtown Row junction

In the week beginning 25 June, day time and night time works will continue at the junction. Work will continue in the central reserve to the north and south of the junction. This will include construction of the new carriageway, kerbs and drainage in the central reserve along with installing ducting to carry cables for the new traffic signals to be installed as part of the scheme.

Works will also commence on the east side of the A34 to install new cycle kerb units to segregate the new cycle lane from the carriageway.

So far

  • Widening works have been completed on the central reserves.
  • Drainage works installed
  • Tarmac road bases installed.
  • Pedestrian crossings resurfaced

Between Milton Street to High Street (Barton Arms junction)

In the week beginning 25 June, work will continue to widen the footways and build new kerbs and gullies between Milton Street and working northwards towards Newbury Road. New kerbs will be installed that will act as a buffer zone between the cycle way and the carriageway to protect cyclists.

So far:

  • Cycleway edging has been installed and tarmac base course laid in preparation for the blue tarmac surface.
  • Road widening at Milton Street has been completed and a tarmac base course for the cycleway and footway will be laid.

Between Lozells Road and Chain Walk (in verge and existing footpath areas)

No works proposed in this section this week but the Contractor will be using the site compound at Chain Walk to store materials for the works. As night time working is recommencing on site, there may be some activity in the compound during the night.

Between Salisbury Road and Heathfield Road

In the week beginning 25 June, works to finalise the new cycle way by installing the base tarmac layer and bollards around the junction will be completed. The bus lane remains closed in sections where the footpath has been closed to allow the construction to take place. Lane closures during the day will remain in place to allow pedestrians to walk in the carriageway as new footways and cycle ways are being built.

So far:

  • Work has started to change the layout of the turning space on Salisbury Road, to make space for the cycleway. The kerbs and footpaths at the ends of Salisbury Road, Hatfield Road and New Inn Roads have been moved and new tactile paving installed.
  • Excavating holes for new bollards around the turning heads at Salisbury Road and Hatfield Road.
  • Verge between Salisbury Road and Hatfield Road and the footway next to Hatfield Road has been excavated. Cycleway edging, stone gravel and tarmac base have been laid, in preparation for the blue tarmac surface.
  • The verge between Wilson Road and New Inn Road has been excavated and a slab installed support the remaining verge area.
  • Splay kerbs (a small slope between surfaces at different heights) have started to be installed, creating a buffer between the cycleway and the footpath and road.