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The scheme is part of our vision to make cycling an everyday way to travel in Birmingham, so that 10% of all trips in the city are made by bike by 2033. This scheme is 3.3km long and will cross two major traffic junctions (Newtown Middleway and Newbury Road), which will be realigned and upgraded to include signals for cyclists.

Where possible, the existing footway will accommodate the segregated cycleway, or extended into the grass verge, whilst elsewhere, the footway will be widened by realigning the existing kerbline and carriageway. The relocation of bus stops, street furniture, lighting columns and services infrastructure will be required to facilitate the construction of the cycleway.

Works were due to be completed by November 2018. However due to unforeseen Statutory Undertakers' apparatus within the location of the works additional diversions were required, which have increased the completion date to January 2019.

Traffic Management

The current works are being undertaken mainly on the footways, with pedestrian management diversions in place and kept to a minimum. There is limited traffic management in terms of lane restrictions and the majority of the civil works have been sustainably completed.

Work progress

A majority of the main civil engineering work is substantially complete for the whole A34 route. The contractor is working on completing the outstanding works, which compromises street lighting, signage, lining and minor paving and traffic signal works.

Once the works are complete, the next stage will be to inspect the works and get all remedial works completed. We will then be in a position to open the cycle route for everyone to use.

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