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Domestic abuse advice

For emergency assistance please ring the police on 999.  For non-emergency advice from the Police you can ring 101.

If you are concerned that someone knowing that you are looking at this webpage please see here for advice on covering your tracks online.

What is domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse includes any incident of threatening behaviour, violence or abuse. The abuse can be psychological, physical, social, financial, or emotional.

Domestic abuse can happen between two people who are or were intimate partners or family members, regardless of their gender or sexuality.

If you are in fear of a partner, ex-partner or member of your family, you might be experiencing domestic abuse. Do they often...

  • Call you names and make you feel bad about yourself?
  • Make you afraid by threatening you or your children?
  • Behave violently towards you?
  • Stop you seeing your friends or family?
  • Keep you without money?
  • Harm you or make you feel you could be seriously harmed?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes you might be experiencing domestic abuse.

The following organisations all offer support for those experiencing domestic abuse.  Some receive funding from us to offer floating support and supported accommodation.

Birmingham and Solihull Women’s Aid (including the National Domestic Abuse Helpline) – offers floating support and refuge accommodation

Accord Housing Association -  offers floating support and refuge accommodation

Trident Reachoffers floating support and refuge accommodation

Birmingham Crisis Centre - offers refuge accommodation

Gilgal Birmingham - offers refuge accommodation

Salvation Armyoffers refuge accommodation
Telephone: 0121 236 6554

Shelter Domestic Abuse Project – offers floating support
Telephone: 0344 515 1632


Women Acting in Today’s Society (WAITS)

Support and advice for Asian women experiencing domestic abuse

The following service offers advice and support for Muslim women experiencing domestic abuse

Amirah Foundation

The following services offer advice and support for men experiencing domestic abuse

Trident Reachoffers floating support

Men’s Advice Line

Karma NirvanaFor support due to ‘honour-based’ violence or forced marriage.

If you are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) and would prefer support from an organisation that provides service specifically for the LGBT community then you can try the following organisations.

GALOPNational LGBT Domestic Abuse Helpline

Birmingham LGBT


The following services offer advice and support for children witnessing domestic violence


The Hideout

The following service offers legal advice for women

Rights of Women