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Mobility Assessments for Housing Application

The Housing Options Team will identify your eligibility for a mobility assessment, if you are identified as being eligible the below form requires completion.

The mobility assessment is a holistic assessment conducted by an Occupational Therapist. The purpose of this assessment is to identify whether you require adapted facilities in your future property (for example; the need for a wheelchair adapted property etc) to support your independence and wellbeing.

Following the completion of this form an Occupational Therapist will contact you to complete an assessment.  If you are assessed to have a need for adaptations this will be shared with you and the housing team to update your application accordingly.

The Housing Team will then provide you with an overall banding collating all the information from your application.

The Housing Team has full jurisdiction as to the:

  1. Type (Bungalow / Flat / Maisonette / House) ,
  2. Size (The number of bedrooms you are eligible for)  
  3. Location of the property. (Postcode / Areas of preference)

Any queries relating to your banding need to be discussed directly with the Housing Team.

Apply for a housing mobility assessment

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