What some of our winners had to say

Testimonial 2 Andy Tolley"It was a complete surprise to find out I was nominated, even more so to discover I was a finalist! Amongst the shock of it all, I found it to be very humbling to discover how well thought of I am by my colleagues, and how they have taken time out not just  for the nomination, but to gather evidence from managers and other team leaders to help bolster the submission. It made me feel (and still does) that my efforts were very much appreciated. For me, even though I had the afternoon tea party and photo shoot to attend, the whole scenario didn’t sink in until the award night. Being treated like a VIP amongst such important people like Council leaders and sponsors was such an honour, an experience I have never had before. All the stops were put out to make me and all of the other finalists feel special. I felt it was a very rewarding night and even though I didn’t win, I felt very privileged to be there", Andrew Tolley, (Professional Support Officer -Special Education Needs Assessment and Review Team)  Employee of the Year Category Finalist  

Testimonial 1 Team of the year"We had a lovely evening, we thought Nick Owen was a great host and when the build-up came to the Team of the Year Award, we were very excited, we did think we were up against two exceptionally strong contenders, but we were over the moon to be the ‘voted’ winners, especially as ours is very much a hidden service, the team really deserve it." Trudi Maybury (Services Manager, Regulation & Enforcement- Birmingham Control Centre) Team of the Year Award Winners

Testimonial 4

"We are delighted to have won the category of Collaboration and Partnership, this is fantastic recognition of the achievements of the team working alongside key partners like the CITB supporting unemployed Birmingham residents into jobs in the construction industry". Sue White (Project Co-ordinator, Employment & Skills Service) Collaboration & Partnership Award Winners


Testimonial 5"I was so shocked and humbled to win the Local Hero award with my Colleague Ruth Bowles.  It was a very special evening and I loved being a part of it. The whole event was so well organised and wonderfully executed. It was great to meet and chat with Colleagues from all over the city and listen to stories about the wonderful things that can be achieved by everyday people such as myself‘." Danielle Baker (Housing Officer) Local Hero Award Winners

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