Chamberlain Award 2018 categories 

The award categories and the criteria we use to judge them have been developed to reflect the council’s values and behaviours. 

These categories and criteria are used to recognise and celebrate the positive examples of Birmingham City Council colleagues who go the extra mile in ensuring that the people of Birmingham receive quality services and make a positive difference everyday to peoples lives.

All categories except Birmingham City Council Employee of the Year are open to individuals, teams or projects.

Enhancing Communities Award

The winner of this category, which can be an individual or a team, may have implemented community improvement, stability or made a positive contribution to community cohesion, or a celebration of diversity through their work.

Customer Service Award

This award recognises excellence in customer care. Capturing employees who go above and beyond, who focus on delivering excellence in the customer experience, this award is open to those who directly serve the customer and those that support them to do this.

Inspirational Leadership Award

This award recognises the person or team who have been essential to the success of a team or project and who have shown great qualities such as honesty and integrity, accountability, creativity and innovation and who inspires others all whilst living the council’s values and behaviours every day.

Birmingham City Council Employee of the Year

This is a very special category celebrating the great work carried out by an individual who has gone above and beyond whilst demonstrating the Council’s core values and behaviours. Nominations will be shortlisted by the judging panel but council colleagues will vote for the eventual winner.

Birmingham City Council Team of the Year

This is also a very special category celebrating and promoting the Council’s core values. The best nominations will be shortlisted by the judging panel but council colleagues will vote for the eventual winning team.

Rising Stars Award

This award celebrates an individual who has shone in their new role in the council. This includes apprentices, interns and graduates who have made an impression and achieved remarkable results.

Special Recognition Award

The person receiving this award is nominated and decided by the Council Management Team for their continued and unique contribution to Birmingham. This could be through a particular work area or project that has made a significant difference to the customers, or the delivery of Birmingham City Council services.

Outstanding Innovator Award

This award will go to the person or team that have come up with a great idea that has been implemented to improve their own service area or a service that is provided to customers.

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