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The Chamberlain Awards are about rewarding excellence in the workplace, about acknowledging outstanding achievements and saying a heartfelt ‘thank you’ for those who may have faced adversity, but have tackled challenges to help keep the cogs and wheels of the organisation turning through a very challenging time.

They may be office based, work out in the community, have a customer facing role or a back office job, wherever they work, their achievements and stellar performance can all be recognised through the Chamberlains Awards.

We have a set of general criteria, that cut across all categories and provide inspiration alongside the specific category criteria when you are putting together your supporting information.

Chamberlain Award categories 

The award categories and the criteria we use to judge them have been developed to reflect the council’s values and behaviours. 

These categories and criteria are used to recognise and celebrate the positive examples of Birmingham City Council colleagues who go the extra mile in ensuring that the people of Birmingham receive quality services and make a positive difference everyday to peoples lives.

All the categories except Employee and Team of the Year are open to either teams or individuals.