Welcome to the Chamberlain Awards 2017

Birmingham City Council’s Recognition Scheme is named after Joseph Chamberlain, one of Birmingham’s most distinguished civic leaders, and is designed to recognise the extraordinary work or services provided by Birmingham City Council employees.

Are you aware of a person, team or project that has introduced new ways of working or supported change, saved money, time or other resources or overcome adversity and found solutions to problems? 

Is there anyone in your team who has improved morale and motivation, shown professional bravery and challenged the status quo?

Do your colleagues put in extraordinary effort, exceeding expectations? Are you part of a team or project that has delivered pioneering work that leads the way nationally, and puts Birmingham on the map?


 View the highlights of the 2016 Chamberlain Awards event: 

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The Chamberlain Awards scheme and ceremony are organised by the Birmingham City Council, Human Resources team.