A34 Perry Barr highway improvement scheme

Between 3 June and 2 August 2019 we consulted on our proposals for a new road layout to support the area wide regeneration of Perry Barr.

To help with the regeneration of Perry Barr, highway improvement works need to be undertaken. We plan to redesign the roads between the Greyhound Stadium and Aston Lane/Wellington Road to make the area more accessible by sustainable forms of transport and open up the heart of Perry Barr.

  • The A34 Perry Barr flyover will be removed, putting all traffic onto a dual carriageway at ground level. This will mean that you will be able to see across the A34 between One Stop Shopping Centre and the new housing development, and the area will feel more open and easier to walk around. There will be footways on both sides of the road, linked by signalised crossings for both pedestrians and cyclists.
  • A 200m section of Aldridge Road will be closed to general traffic to provide access for pedestrians, cyclists and buses.
  • The junction at A34 Birchfield Road/A4040 Aston Lane/ Wellington Road, which is currently a roundabout with pedestrian subways, will be changed to a crossroads with traffic lights and pedestrian crossings. The existing underpass will remain for traffic.
  • The existing cycle route will be extended from Heathfield Road to Perry Barr Centre.
  • Bus lanes on the A34 will provide priority for existing bus services and for the future Sprint services.
Artist impression of A34 proposed changes looking towards One Stop shopping centre

Proposed view across A34 Birchfield Road to One Stop Shopping Centre – the A34 flyover has been removed and a new layout is proposed with a controlled crossing across the A34. A bus lane and cycle route will be introduced on the southbound side of the carriageway.

Artist impression showing proposed changes to A34 looking towards a new housing development

Proposed view of A34 Birchfield Road looking north along the A34 and Aldridge Road towards the new housing development. A 200m section of Aldridge Road has been closed to general traffic and has been transformed to provide access for pedestrians, cyclists and buses with the introduction of a southbound bus lane and two-way cycle route.

You can view full details of the consultation, detailed plans of the proposed layout and Frequently Asked Questions (including why the removal of the flyover is necessary) on our consultation website.

Consultation closed on 2 August 2019.

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