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Education, Skills and Culture | Birmingham City Council

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Education, Skills and Culture

 Councillor Jayne Francis

Summary of responsibilities:

Education of Children and Young People

Political leadership on strategic and statutory duties, including school improvement, school places and travel to and from school. Oversight of Direct Schools Grant.


Arts and Culture and Tourism

Sustaining and promoting art, culture and tourism, including management of grants and associated  economic opportunities.


The Library of Birmingham and Community Libraries

Oversight of the regional and city-wide role of the Library of Birmingham and the community library service; including the vital part libraries play in communities, learning and skills.



Oversight of the provision and activity of the Birmingham Museums Trust.


Skills, expansion for key growth sectors enterprise and innovation

Developing the skills and employability of Birmingham’s workforce, thereby enabling each citizen to realise their potential. Engaging with the skills agenda throughout the Council and Birmingham in liaison with  local, regional and national partners.


Youth Engagement and Youth Service, along with Lifelong Learning (post 14 skills and adult education)  

Clear progression and vocational pathways from education into further and higher education and employment.

Provision of all-age guidance, skills development, training and work experience to meet the economic needs of the city now and in the future.


Skills and Entrepreneurship in Schools

Development of 14-19 career pathways, enterprise and entrepreneurship in Birmingham schools.


Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) and Inclusion

Working with the Cabinet Member for Children’s Wellbeing, on the SEND agenda across children’s agencies and holding officers and partners to account in the delivery of the Birmingham SEND strategy.


Employment Opportunities

Enabling all residents to access employment through the development and delivery of local employment plans.


Telephone: 07703 372982