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Soho Manufactory

The Soho Manufactory was established by Matthew Boulton in 1761 in the area now occupied by South Road.

It became internationally famous for its range of products which included:

  • plated metalware
  • buttons
  • buckles and coins.

The Manufactory was demolished in the middle of the 19th century and nothing can now be seen above ground. However, small-scale archaeological excavations in 1994 showed that the foundations of its walls survived below ground.

Excavation team in a garden


Excavations in 1996 by Channel 4's Time Team revealed surprisingly well preserved remains under in the back gardens of houses in South Road, including part of a room where shoe buckles were made and a tunnel for a drive shaft from a steam engine.

At Soho House, Mathew Boulton's home, there is more information about the Manufactory, including a reconstruction model of the site, finds from the excavations and some of the products of the Manufactory.

An information panel about the site is on St. Michael's Hill near the entrance to the new development on Scholars Close.

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