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Citizen access strategy | Enabling the change | Birmingham City Council

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Citizen access strategy

Our citizen access strategy will make it easier for you to find and access council information and services. We're putting Birmingham's people at the centre of everything we do. 

Outstanding customer service is the responsibility of everyone in the council, whether they're developing polices that impact on citizens, managing services, or dealing with citizens on a daily basis.

Improved quality

We'll continuously improve the way we do things, to reduce errors and delays caused by "behind-the-scenes" processes.


We'll put the needs of Birmingham's people first when designing services. Accessing services will be fast, simple and efficient, and more services will be available online.

We'll use data to inform further improvements to services and increase customer satisfaction.

Digital facilitation

We'll continue to provide more services online - investing in digital channels to achieve further savings and increased customer satisfaction. Where needed, we'll provide support to help people to access our digital services. 

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Download the full strategy to find out more.

Citizen access strategy