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The Knife Angel: The national monument against violence and aggression

The Knife Angel

The national monument against violence and aggression

In 2014, the British Ironwork Centre began a new campaign, which would not only highlight a national issue, but tackle it through their passion for art.

This is the Knife Angel

Under the banner ‘Save a life, surrender your knife’, the Centre sought permission from the Home Office to work with all 43 UK police forces to retrieve knives from the streets of the UK, by providing knife banks to educate and raise awareness of the horrors of knife crime.

Relatives of those killed because of knife crime were invited to engrave the confiscated blades with names and messages for their loved ones.

The weapons were transformed into a giant 27 foot sculpture called the Knife Angel.  Clive Knowles, Chairman of the British Ironwork Centre, has led on the construction and operation, to ensure the Knife Angel fulfils its purpose and undertakes a full UK tour.  He hopes that along with Birmingham, Coventry, Hull and Liverpool, other towns and cities across the nation will host the symbolic angel and spread its message.

  • 4 years in the making
  • 27 feet tall
  • Comprised of 100,000 weapons removed from UK streets
  • Created by artist Alfie Bradley at the British Ironwork Centre in Oswestry, Shropshire
  • On display in Birmingham as part of a UK tour, having previously been seen in Coventry, Hull and Liverpool.
  • On display until 5 June

The Knife Angel will stand in Victoria Square, as a representation of the city’s unified determination to address knife crime and, in doing so, cement Birmingham’s reputation as a city of peace and reconciliation.

Knife crime is not an issue unique to Birmingham – it’s affecting people’s lives across the country.  This is an important time for the city as it engages in this national conversation, and to bring about change before it’s too late.

Organisations across the city have come together in a multi-agency approach educating people on the dangers of knife crime through activities and events on the topic, while the Knife Angel is in Birmingham.

The Knife Angel was brought to Birmingham with the support of the British Ironwork Centre and the following partners:

  • Birmingham City Council
  • West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner
  • Absolute Services
  • Aughton Automation
  • Cadent
  • CMC
  • Transport for West Midlands
  • West Midlands Metro
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