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Careers Advice, information and support

Careers Guidance in School

Careers advice and guidance is available in schools for Key stage 4 students and schools can advise how to access this.

Careers Advice and Guidance can help to explain the different choices and options available, and suggest opportunities for young people to consider before they make an informed decision about their future Career Action Plan. It is vital that young people see a Careers Adviser and get a Career Action Plan that lists their choices, options and next steps for their future.

Career Guidance after School

Students already in a post 16 placement like a college or a training provider will have access to a Careers Adviser to help them plan their future moves.

The Careers Adviser will discuss with students what kind of options they have, e.g.

  • vocational training
  • advanced qualifications
  • apprenticeships
  • looking for work
  • university and other forms of higher education

Students will need to book an appointment and should be able to explore all their future options.

The National Careers Service

The National Careers Service provides online support for young people and adults who need help with decision making and searching for courses and training. Young people can register for support if they are aged 13 or above.

They will also be able to speak directly to an adviser by phone or online.

The National Careers Service website has online tools that can help with career exploration and decision making.

National Careers Service telephone: 0800 100 900

Not in Education, Employment or Training in Birmingham (NEET)

Birmingham Careers Service will work with young people if they have left school or a Post 16 placement and are Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET).

This means that if they are 16 and over, and unemployed then the Birmingham Career Service will be able to help them.

The Birmingham Careers Service will provide career information, advice and guidance to help young people consider their choices and options, and support them to look for jobs, training, and apprenticeships, or continue in education. A qualified Personal Adviser will work to support them.

Visit Birmingham Careers Service

Or alternatively phone the following number to book an appointment to see a Personal Adviser at a community or youth venue near to home:

Birmingham Careers Service telephone: 0121 675 6105