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Consultations | High Speed 2 (HS2) | Birmingham City Council


Current Consultations

HS2 Ltd do not currently have any open consultations.

Hybrid Bill and Environmental Statement

The Government has prepared a Hybrid Bill for Phase One of HS2. The Bill was published Monday 25 November 2013 together with the Formal Environmental Statement for Phase 1.

The Bill will now be considered by Parliament. The Hybrid Bill documentation includes:

  • The Bill itself, incorporating schedules which detail the works which will take place and the land that will be acquired or used.
  • Plans and sections, including the geographic extent of works/land required.
  • The Book of Reference, which describes ownerships of all affected land.
  • Various supporting documents, such as a Housing Statement, Estimate of Expense, Equalities Impact Assessment and Health Impact Assessment.
  • The formal Environmental Statement (ES) for consultation, which explains in detail the impacts of the scheme on local areas and the steps taken to mitigate adverse impacts.

Download the council’s response to the formal Environmental Statement 

Download the council’s Hybrid Bill petition document 

More information about the Hybrid Bill can be found at Parliament.uk 

More information about the formal Environmental Statement can be found at www.hs2.org.uk 

Responses to consultations

The City Council is a statutory consultee, and we therefore respond formally to all HS2 consultations.