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HS2 Ltd Engagement | High Speed 2 (HS2) | Birmingham City Council

HS2 Ltd Engagement

HS2 Ltd has engaged with various stakeholder forums throughout the project:

National Environmental Forum

The National Environmental Forum advises HS2 Ltd on a strategic approach to the environmental impacts of the project. This includes providing a framework for the Environment Impact Assessment, proposals to reduce environmental effects, and setting environmental design aims and minimum requirements.

Membership of the National Environmental Forum includes:

  • HS2 Ltd
  • Department for Transport
  • Other Government departments
  • Statutory environmental consultees, e.g. Environment Agency, Natural England and English Heritage.

HS2 Planning Forum

The planning forum acts as the focus for the liaison with HS2 line of route authorities on matters of cross boundary and route-wide generic interest. Meetings currently take place monthly.

Membership of the Planning Forum includes:

  • HS2 Ltd
  • Department for Transport
  • Local authority representatives

Sub groups have been established to focus on specific topics:

  • Acoustics (noise pollution)
  • Heritage
  • Highways
  • Code of Construction Practice (standards of work to ensure control of potential impacts upon people, businesses and natural/historic environment)

West Midlands Engagement Structure

The HS2 Strategic Board has been created for the West Midlands to bring together senior representatives from relevant organisations including Local Authorities and Local Enterprise Partnerships, to set the strategic agenda for HS2. The ultimate aim is to maximise the benefits of HS2 for Birmingham and the wider West Midlands. Beneath this group sits a Programme Coordination group who have responsibility for taking forward the agenda set by the Strategic Board. A series of further working groups sit beneath this group focussed on the following:

  • The Birmingham Curzon Station
  • The Interchange Station
  • The Washwood Heath Depot and East Birmingham
  • Business relocation and mitigation
  • Jobs and skills
  • Transport connectivity
  • Construction period

Members of these working groups include representatives from HS2 Ltd, City Council Officers, Network Rail, Centro, other Local Authorities and Local Enterprise Partnerships.