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Consultation on major works

When we want to carry out repair, maintenance or improvement work which would cost an individual leaseholder more than £250, we must consult leaseholders first.

We will send a “Notice of Intention” to each leaseholder who will be affected, and to the secretary of the Recognised Tenants' Association, if there is one.

The notice must give:

  • a description of the works, or let you know when and where you can see a  description
  • the reasons this work needs to be done
  • the total estimated cost of the work
  • tell you how to give your feedback on the agreement
  • The name and address where any written observations about the works may be sent.

You have 30 days from the date of the notice to give your feedback. The council must consider all comments made.

If we don’t follow the process above, or we have not been given permission by the housing tribunal,  we will not be able to charge each leaseholder more than £250 for the major work.

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