Tower block investment programme

The council's Structural Investment Programme is providing warmer, more energy efficient homes to tenants living in 26 tower blocks across the city.

We have been working closely with Birmingham Energy Savers to carry out wok that will cut carbon emissions and improve the quality of life for our residents by:

  • lowering energy usage
  • making homes warmer
  • improving thermal efficiency

By the time the programme ends in 2017, it will have improved the homes of 961 households.

We consulted with residents on the range of works and held open days so residents could see the range of materials available and comment on final designs.

Improvements include:

  • double glazed UPVC windows
  • external wall insulation
  • communal central heating systems
  • new roofs
  • new signage
  • perimeter lighting
  • structural repairs
  • environmental works outside the blocks

Work has already been completed at 28 tower blocks across the city. Between April 2016 and March 2017, the work will be carried out at:

  • Ashford Tower
  • Avery House
  • Bradbeer House
  • Canterbury Tower
  • Chamberlain House
  • Collings House
  • Dixon House
  • Dovey Tower
  • Humber Tower
  • Kenrick House
  • Muntz House
  • Salisbury Tower
  • Skipton House
  • Trent Tower

Find out more about our work to improve council houses.

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