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Modernising and improving council houses

Each year we set aside money to modernise and improve council homes in Birmingham. We plan to survey all of our 61,309 council homes.

During the surveys we gather up-to-date information on the age and condition of fixtures and fittings such as front doors, windows, kitchens and so on.

If a survey is due to be carried out on your home, we’ll let you know a month in advance.

We’re surveying the homes that are thought to need the most improvement first. The surveys help us to decide which homes needs to be prioritised for future investment.

We can’t carry out improvements to every council house each year, as there is a limited budget available. We use information gathered from the surveys to help us prioritise the work.

See our before and after page to find out more about the work that is prioritised and examples of improvements carried out.

Your feedback

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