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Home improvements | Who's responsible for repairs and home improvements? | Birmingham City Council

Tributes paid after death of the Duke of Edinburgh

Cllr Mohammed Azim, Lord Mayor of Birmingham, has commented following the death of the Duke of Edinburgh. Full details of Birmingham's response

Home improvements

As a council tenant you can make your own improvements to your home, such as installing a new bathroom or kitchen. There are some restrictions and you need to get our permission first. Check your conditions of tenancy for full details.

Before you make any improvements, you must tell the council what you are planning to do and get our written permission. We will only say no if there is a good reason, for example if the work would make your home unsafe.

Use our Permissions and alterations form to submit your request for a home improvement. 

Tell us about a home improvement that you wish to make

Any work you have done must be carried out by a competent and suitably experienced person. If the property is damaged by the work, we will ask you to put things right. If we have to put things right we will charge you.

The council also carry out work to modernise and improve council homes in Birmingham.