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Repairs the council are responsible for | Who's responsible for repairs and home improvements? | Birmingham City Council

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Repairs the council are responsible for

We will repair and maintain the structure of your council home and the outside of the building (including the roof, drains, gutters and pipes). An overview of our responsibilities is given below, but please check your conditions of tenancy for full details.

In blocks of flats and maisonettes, we are responsible for:

  • entrance doors
  • halls
  • stairways
  • lifts
  • rubbish chutes
  • lighting
  • other things that are shared by all the tenants and leaseholders

For tenants, our responsibilities also include:

  • any inside fixtures and fittings that we originally provided, as explained in the conditions of tenancy
  • all pipes, wiring, heating systems, drainage, power and light fittings

In tenants' gardens, we will look after:

  • boundary fences or walls we provide (we may remove them rather than repair them)
  • any outbuildings, sheds, porches, or garages we originally put up (we may remove them rather than repair them)
  • any step or path that is an essential means of access to the property

Deliberate damage or neglect

Birmingham City Council reserves the right to charge for any repairs if we think the repair was caused by deliberate damage or neglect.