How we pay invoices

We pay invoices 30 days from when we receive them, or within the agreed time in your contract if it's different.

Birmingham City Council has different payment methods. They include:

  • BACS (Banks Automated Clearing System)
  • Purchase card.

We also make payment by cheque in very limited circumstances, although where possible we prefer to transact with you electronically for security, promptness of payment and efficiency.

We no longer issue paper remittances at the time of making payment to you. However, we can issue an electronic remittance. The remittance will be issued by email to the address you provide.


Our preferred means of payment is directly into your bank account using BACS.

If you’re registered with us as a supplier and would like to receive payments by BACS, email to let us know. You need to include your vendor number (you can find this on your remittance advice note).

Purchase card

Our purchase card (P-Card) is a type of commercial card that allows us to take advantage of the existing credit card infrastructure to make business-to-business electronic payments for a variety of business expenses including goods and services.

Our P-Card is a Visa card similar to a consumer credit card. Under our arrangements we pay the card issuer in full each month. Meaning our suppliers are paid quickly without any processing and authorisation delays.

If you are a Council supplier and want to take advantage of the many benefits of receiving payments by P-Card, simply inform the member of staff who contacted you to procure goods or services to confirm that you accept P-Card payments.

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