Where to send your invoice

There are three ways to submit your invoices to Birmingham City Council (BCC):

  • Supplier portal
  • By email
  • By post.

Supplier portal

The supplier portal allows suppliers to input invoices supported by a Purchase Order (PO) directly into BCC’s payment system. The portal also allows suppliers to view their account online to track:

  • whether invoices have been received
  • when payment is due, or
  • whether payment has been made.

Find out more about using the portal.

Emailed invoices

To enable us to process your invoice quickly, attach the invoice in PDF, Word or TIFF format to your email.

Each invoice must be attached individually. Single attachments containing more than one invoice will be rejected.

The email address for sending your invoices is: directinvoices@birmingham.gov.uk

Do not submit enquiries to this email address as it is not monitored.

Posted invoices

In exceptional circumstances, where email is not possible, we will accept paper invoices sent to us in the post.

Do not send your invoices to any other location or to the person procuring your goods or services. This will cause delays in processing and payment.

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