General Election 2019

The general election will take place on Thursday 12 December 2019. The deadline to apply for a postal vote is 5pm on Tuesday 26 November 2019. Are you registered to vote?

Problems logging in to your account

Why can't I log in to my account?

Here are some of the most common reasons why you might not be able to log in to your account:

  • Our system cannot find an account registered to the email address you gave. Perhaps you have misspelled your email address, or you used a different email address when registering your account. Please try again, making sure you are using the correct email address, correctly spelled.
  • You haven’t set up an online account yet. There are many forms of council account, for example libraries and council housing accounts. It could be that you haven’t yet set up an online account. You will have received an activation link and a temporary password by email if you have already registered an account.
  • It is also possible that your account has been deleted, if it wasn’t activated within 30 days. In this case, you can re-register here.

I have forgotten my login details

If you can’t remember your login email address or password, choose ‘Forgotten Password?’ and enter the email address (or email addresses) that you think you would have used to set up an online account with Birmingham City Council.

If you receive emails containing an activation link and temporary password, then you can follow the activation link in order to get access to your account using the temporary password.

You will then be prompted to input a new password. If you don’t receive any emails, you can re-register here.

What should I do if I've forgotten my password?

Choose ‘Forgotten Password?’ on the account login page to reset your password. You will then be asked to input your email address. This must be the email address you use to log in to your account. If our system can find an account with the email address you entered then it will send you two emails.

One email contains an activation link and the other a temporary password. It is vital that you activate your account by following the activation link before you attempt to login using the temporary password. This proves that you’re a real person with access to the email address you have given.

If you have attempted to login using the temporary password before following the activation link then you need to get a new activation link and password.

I am not receiving the emails you say you have sent

Our system does not send emails to email addresses that it doesn’t recognise. If you aren’t getting the emails that we have told you have been sent, it is because our system cannot find an online account registered to the email address you gave. This could be because:

  • The email address you supplied was misspelled. Please resubmit your forgotten password/expired activation link request using the correct email address.
  • You registered your account using a different email address to the one you just requested another password/activation link for. Please resubmit your forgotten password/expired activation link request using a different email address.
  • You didn’t activate your account (by following the activation link) within 30 days of receiving it, meaning that your account has now been deleted. Please re-register here.
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