General Election Results - Thursday 12 December 2019.

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When you can book

Leisure Card holders

If you have a standard Leisure Card, you can book up to 7 days in advance and will need to pay when you book.

Advance Booking - book 8 days in advance

If you have an Advanced Booking Leisure Card you can book from 8am, 8 days in advance. You can only book one session, per activity on the 8th day. You can make multiple bookings from the 7th day.

You won't need to pay in advance. Payment will be taken when you arrive at the leisure centre for your booking.

If you owe us money, you will have to pay in advance for all further activities at the time of bookings until the debt has been paid.

Please note: although you don't need to pay for leisure activities in advance, if you have other things in your online basket that must be paid for in advance you will be charged for everything upfront.

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