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Courses and Soccericulum

Strikes courses are 12-week courses structured with the Soccericulum at various leisure centres across Birmingham.

During each 12-week course, children will practice every aspects of playing football in a view to improving their overall ability by the end of the course. This is done through a variety of drills and small-sided games that not only improve their skills, but are focused on participation, safety and most importantly fun.

Each session is broken down into 3 sections: warm-up, session and game. Strikes coaches put particular focus on the warm-up for dribbling and ball familiarity as in most warm-ups, each child will have their own ball to use and practice with. Sessions consist of further practice on a set subject, such as passing, shooting, and heading.

At the end of each 12-week course, each child is given a certificate based upon their age, ability and participation throughout the course in an aim to progress through each level of the Soccericulum. If a child does not reach the requirements of their level, they are still given a participation certificate and informed as to why they have not reached their level and how they can improve to meet the criteria at the end of the next course.


There are 24 levels of progression within the Soccericulum: 18 during Junior Strikes and 6 during Premier Strikes.

Children start the Soccericulum at non-league level and work thorough the levels until they reach the Champions league.

At this stage children should have mastered all basic skills and be able to perform complex drills and turns in pressurised situations. Parents can track their child's progress using the relevant assessment card. Assessment cards are issued on enrolment. When your child completes a level they can collect their certificate from reception.

First Strikes (4 to 5 years)

First Strikes classes are designed to introduce children to soccer.

Children learn basic ball familiarity, passing, shooting and dribbling skills. First Strikes helps children develop independence, balance, co-ordination and motor skills and also encourages your child to become socially interactive and confident.

Junior Strikes (6+ years)

During Junior Strikes children work through the Soccericulum (Strikes Progression System).

Children enrolled on Junior Strikes learn more advanced skills, including heading, tackling and movement. Parents can track their child's progress using the assessment card given to them on enrolment.

How to join

Strikes run four 12-week courses each year, with a two-week break at Christmas.

To enrol your child must be at least 4 years old. Application forms can be obtained from any Strikes Centre.

On enrolment, each child will be placed in a group based on their age and ability. If a coach feels a child would benefit a change of group after the first week, the parent will be informed prior to the change. 

Course prices are available from your local site upon request and valid Passport to Leisure card holders qualify for a reduction.