Ukraine crisis

As people around the world watch what’s happening in Ukraine, Birmingham’s communities are coming together to support international appeals and efforts to help those fleeing war. Details of how to offer support and where to find information and advice can be found on our City of Sanctuary webpage

COVID-19 - Changes to our services

  • We will only carry out inspections of private rented properties where it is essential to do so and / or where there is an emergency related to disrepair or illegal eviction and it is safe to do so.
  • Private landlords remain legally obligated to ensure properties meet the required standards, and should keep up to date with government guidance and any changes to the law.
  • Where essential inspections do take place inspecting officers will be carrying out safeguarding measures to protect staff and customers.
  • Following the guidance set out by the Government regarding Covid-19, we’re asking you to take extra precautions when we visit to ensure everyone’s safety. Namely:
    • Please ensure you are wearing face coverings at the time of the inspection. This does not necessarily have to be surgical masks.
    • Open all the windows to let in the fresh air.
    • Please open all the internal doors, any under stairs cupboards, airing cupboards, meter cupboards.
    • Please switch on the lights in each room.
    • To remain socially distanced, you may be asked to wait in the garden, car or another safe place until the inspection in completed. If you wish to bring a number of issues regarding the property, a discussion can be made outside prior or after the inspection.
  • All communications should be made via email where not possible post is acceptable however there may be delay.

Further guidance

  • We cannot prevent your landlord from evicting you as a result of your complaint your landlord or agent will have to be made aware of the complaint.
  • We will have inform your landlord of any inspections that are carried out.
  • We have no influence on any application you may have for council housing.
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