Report speeding concerns and issues

If you have concerns or issues about speeding in Birmingham, please tell us about them.

To investigate the issue we will need to know:

  • An accurate location (including landmarks, house numbers or road junctions)
  • A detailed description of the problem

Please ensure you do not put yourself or anyone else in danger when obtaining details about your concerns.

We ask that you provide us with your contact details in case we need to ask you for more information.

We will review the information provided and, if appropriate, pass this information on to the Police. The council has the full support of the police in enforcing speed limits, however resources are limited and it may take some time to respond to enforcement requests.

Report a speeding concern

How you can help

Sometimes there are other ways to try and tackle the problem. Birmingham’s residents can influence and consequently educate each other about the importance of sticking to the speed limit on the roads in their communities. To help you, we’ve created some resources to that you can use to bring down speeds in your area.

Download a residents toolkit

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